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CONCEPT LEARNING This is the time the students if INDIA in particular in TAMIL NADU  should think seriously about learning with concept s . there was a serious drawback in learning and teaching process  it is so happened that the students are learning without knowing what they are learning . This is because of mad running after marks and the method of examinations  which are conducted exclusively to test the memory aspect of learning . gone are the days , the teachers bothered about the knowledge aspect of students .  since the period  PRIVATE SCHOOLS , COLLEGES AND DEEMED UNIVERSITIES become dominant  putting aside the Government run institutions  , and in fact these institutions are mostly run by the business people who are in  no way connected to Education and they converted the technic of examinations as a commercial product to attract the innocent parents  the educationist who  try to offer holistic education fail in their attempt , the simple reason being they could not c

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                                              TIME  MANAGEMENT FOR  XII  STUDENTS Dear  XII students  ! Greetings and good wishes Whether you like it or not ,   the results of XII  of all  syllabus  becomes pivotal for a student. The students of CBSE , IGCSC , ISC , STATE BOARD etc., should face their respective board examinations , Besides their academic examinations , they have to prepare for their  various competitive examinations  to get their admissions in  the colleges throughout INdia . Preparing  for competitive examinations, is not an exceuse   for preparing for  academic exams . Tamil Nadu  like state s , consider the performance in academic exams only for admissions So they must take carer  in  time management . TIME MANAGEMENT is an art . It is obvious , time has to be managed efficiently . You have to  make a perfect plan  by making a chart  in daily basis . while making time chart , care should be taken  , to give priority  . Proper time management once done

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"Education" is a basic need of every individual. Education does not mean only academic education ,but mean everything a human being needs. In general we may address "Education" as "Awareness" .We learn and accordingly act in our day to day life . It is the education which makes us to shine.